The 2A03 chip is a sound/processor chip in the NES/Famicom.
2a03.party used to be a members-only Linux box, but it has since shut down.
For the sake of preserving data and whatnot, web hosting and e-mail will continue to run.
Please contact admin@2a03.party for more information regarding 2a03.party.

Public Services:
Educational Mirrors:
Membership Perks:
All members may have up to two aliases delegated to their e-mail address.
This domain will be around for decades to come, so e-mails and domains are permanent.
Other services such as SSH and FTP access and IRC bouncing will return in a year.
Donations are still very appreciated. All recieved funds go towards costs.

2A03 chip
(c) BABAX / Wikimedia Commons

If your donation is for the whitelisted youth Minecraft server, specify it in the note.
Are you a parent and want information? Contact admin@2a03.party with your questions.