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Howdy, I'm Ryan Fox / flewkey.

My skill set is mostly computer-oriented, but I am also a classical musician for fun.

The first experience I had with programming was writing batch scripts on my Dad's old laptop. I created my first website when I was six years old using information from W3Schools, and built a basic Arduino robot when I was eight. My pace has dropped since then, but I still learn what I can.

This page exclusively serves as a personal website, and is not home to anything useful.


MIDI4LSDj - On hiatus for now, but I still want to finish it.


Blog - Currently empty, sorry about that!
Music - The home of my music, good and bad.
Dystopia - A chatroom on IRC and Discord.
Pxls Frog - A small template for
nds-constrain't - A short guide on a useful exploit.


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E-mail is my only reliable contact method. Don't bother with encryption unless it is private.