Notice: The original Minecraft server has been shut down due to personal reasons.
Fortunately, DevEd is graciously hosting a Minecraft realm in it's place. (Thank you!)
It is exactly the same as the server, except without the crashes and the /spawn command.
You may apply for membership at the Discord server. Thank you for reading.

The Minecraft server is a whitelisted survival Minecraft server.
Some modifications have been made to the server, which you can find on GitHub.
The important commands you need to remember are /spawn, /home, and /home set.
If you would like to apply, e-mail, or ask on the Discord server.

Server Rules:
  1. Use common sense. Don't do dumb stuff.
  2. Don't grief. This is a good way to get b&.
  3. Don't overuse swearing, it makes you look dumb.
  4. Never use any kind of offensive slurs. No N word.
  5. Don't tamper with other people's property.
  6. Never steal from any users on the server.
  7. Members are responsible for friends.
  8. Act reasonable. Never be an asshat.
  9. Making 3rd party currencies is forbidden.

A quick note. Although this is a youth Minecraft server, it is not kid-friendly.
Things are relatively civil, but there may be some very occasional dirty jokes and swearing.
At the end of the day though, the priority of this server is to relax and play Minecraft.

Previous Worlds:

World 1:2018-10-18
World 2 (Old):2019-05-13
World 2 (Griefed):2019-06-05
World 3:2019-07-08
World 4:Current

If your donation is for the whitelisted youth Minecraft server, specify it in the note.
Are you a parent and want information? Contact with your questions.

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